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Specialising in home lifts, commercial lifts, glass lift shafts and disabled access platform lifts.


We are committed to our integrity and will never over promise and under deliver.


A lift in your home, will enhance your life, increase the value of your property and ensure your beloved home will remain liveable well into your later years in life.


All our clients are individuals with specific needs, budgets and styles. We always ensure that when designing and specifying a lift for your home that we consider all of these factors. 


We are dedicated to guide you through the process of the lift design, installation and provide impeccable, personalised after sales support.


In most cases the cost of buying, selling and moving house can far outweigh the cost of adding a lift to your home.


Let’s face it, at the end of the day no one likes moving. It’s a major hassle and inconvenience. Installing a lift in your home will alleviate this burden so you and your family can enjoy your home for many years to come.

Infinity Home Lifts

Passenger lifts for private residence


The Infinity Home Lift will be a fantastic addition to your home. Designed and Manufactured in Europe with infinite options for flexibility and customisation, with the option of both Traction and Hydraulic to suit your requirements and preferences.

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Non automatically controlled limited mobility lift


The comfortable and safe Infinity Platform Lift is ideal for any application or environment thanks to its sleek, thoughtfully designed configuration.

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Glass Lift Shafts

Completely customised to your requirements

Our glass lift shafts are the perfect solution for adding a lift to your home or office where space is limited and are ideal for both internal and outdoor elevator application.
Our Infinity Portfolio of lifts can be incorporated into an impeccably designed glass lift shaft with any customisation possible.

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