infinity platform lift

Complying to AS1735.15 

RB150 Platform Lift

Our European Designed and Manufactured platform lift is the best on the market.


This lift is specifically designed for both Internal and External applications requiring very minimal or no alterations to existing buildings and spaces.


The look is very stylish and modern with brushed stainless steel and glass finishes.


These lifts are the perfect solution for commercial projects where there is a requirement for disabled access. These lifts can be custom ordered for your specific project and needs.


This platform lift can be used for travel as small as 600mm and up to 2000mm.


The RB150 is whisper quiet and is a very reliable product.


These lifts are easily installed and would be a great addition to your next project.


SB200 Enclosed Platform Lift

The SB200 is a vertical platform lift that comes complete with its own shaft which is suitable for both internal and external applications.


Passengers are lifted by the platform inside the shaft which is constructed of multilayered steel sandwich type panels or glass panels.


The platform moves at a maximum of 0.15 m/s and is an exceptionally smooth ride.

The platform, control panel and buttons are adapted to be used by all passengers including those in a wheelchair and the visually impaired.


This reliable platform lift can be installed in one week without the need for major construction works which saves you time and money.

RB150 Platform Lift

RB150 PLATFORM LIFT Specifications

  • Compliance: AS1735.14/15 & NCC E3.6
  • Capacity: 400kgs
  • Speed: 0.15m/sec
  • Min Travel: 600mm
  • Max Travel: 2000mm
  • Pit: Not required
  • Platform size: 1100 x 1400mm
  • External dimensions : 1300 x 1770mm
  • Configuration: Through car
  • Drive System: Belt
  • Power: Single Phase


  • Painted and Stainless steel frame available
  • Safety glass panelling
  • Internal and external application
  • Emergency Battery back up
  • Aluminium tread-plate anti-slip floor
  • Glass doors with semi-automatic closing and electric lock.

SB200 Enclosed Platform Lift


  • Compliance: AS1735.15 & NCC E3.6
  • Capacity: 400kgs
  • Speed: 0.15m/sec
  • Min Travel: 600mm
  • Max Travel: 4000mm
  • Pit: 50mm (or a ramp)
  • Platform size:
    1100 x 1400mm

    1070 x 1485mm

    1150 x 1485mm

    Custom dimensions also available

  • Shaft dimensions:
    1500 x 1460mm

    1460 x 1485mm

    1540 x 1540mm

  • Drive System: Screw driven
  • Power: Single Phase
  • Noise level: less than 70dB
  • Safety features: Safety edge around the platform, emergency STOP buttons, electronic speed control, overload detector, opening control of doors and locks, electronic control of engine performance
  • Other: Braille on buttons are available

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